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Artwork: Draplin Design Co.

"Harbors, like any great album, defines its artists and has the power to further define its listener. It’s meticulous and soulful. The building blocks of the record, like "Segni", were whittled from looped and freestanding sounds democratically created by synthesis, guitars, and percussion. But as the needle glides into “Holography”, the swift and playful start of side A, there’s a new kind of compositional poise. Harbors is an album of transformative repetition, of music that travels freely between the left and right brain. It pulls from the same well (with a new bucket) as their Krautrock and Minimalist forebears (guys like Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Manuel Göttsching) and even the greater history of rhythmic percussion found the world over. And then there’s one entirely new instrument for All Tiny Creatures: the human voice.

All Tiny Creatures introduce vocals on Harbors, adding a new dimension to their sound as well as to their entire creative process. As songs began to take shape, they were shared with a close (and very talented) group of friends. These were instruments that could talk back. Joining All Tiny Creatures vocalists Thomas Wincek and Andrew Fitzpatrick are Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro & Epstein), Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund (Megafaun), Ryan Olcott (12 Rods, Mystery Palace), Matthew Byars (The Caribbean), and Jennifer Fitzpatrick (a scientist and Andrew’s wife).

This mix of control and community is audibly liberating, balancing what it means to take the primitive urge of music and to push it through machines. The result is just downright beautiful. All Tiny Creatures captures the mood of a sunrise, the hum of a factory line, and the swirl inside your mind, all at once. Harbors honors a whole era of musical history, and, as you nod your head to the beat, writes a new chapter, all its own. This is truly modern music.”

-Sara Padgett Heathcott, Hometapes

All Tiny Creatures Harbors features old-style tip-on gatefold packaging on both formats. This historic packaging style is comprised of CMYK-printed 80 lb. litho label stock trimmed and mounted to a 20 pt. (for CD) or 24 pt. (for LP) recycled shell. The result is a satisfying heavyweight package with a rich semi-gloss finish and a continuous image across the gatefold. We started by designing the 2xLP format, then shrunk it down to the 5" mini-gatefold jacket to contain the compact disc in reverent style.

The vinyl release includes two 45RPM 12" LPs in two separate opaque color sets. Your randomly chosen product will contain a blue and yellow pair OR a green and red pair. Roll the dice! The center labels are printed in CMYK and have been described as "the best things ever." The LP includes a coupon for a digital download of the album.

The compact disc release includes a single disc screen-printed in CMYK over a white flood (five colors total). The compact disc face art is unique to the CD format and is hands-down the best CD art we've ever seen. Suddenly you will find yourself owning both formats, and rightly so.


released January 14, 2013



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All Tiny Creatures Madison, Wisconsin

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